NEW Website Launch!

NEW Website Launch!

What a fantastic way to start 2020! We are launching a brand-new website that puts content at the forefront of the podcast and project.

Content Focus

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Photography
  • Editorials

There are loads more features, too!

I have taken on board the suggestions and feedback from dealers, manufacturers and of course the community from across social media who have got in touch, and taken the time to provide suggestions and feedback.

With all this in mind, I got the whiteboard out and started piecing together the brand new website.

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Join our community on Facebook and engage with like minded mobile leisure enthusiasts.

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The website offers so many new features.

  • Easier to navigate and find the content that’s important to you.
  • A directory featuring almost every motorhome and caravan dealer throughout the UK! With new listings being added on a daily basis!
  • New opportunities to engage with the wider community through our social media channels.
  • Far more superior layouts and spacing, making the content easier to consume.
  • All but a few of the videos are 4k!
  • Improved speed – I love creating content and have been a little slow, excuse the pun! To make the website speedy. Churning out content and building a wonderful community has been my priority!
  • The editorials, podcast and videos are really at the forefront more then the previous website along with additional exciting features that include;
    • Directory
    • Events & Shows
    • Google Maps integration
  • I’ve gone through my Archive and have found even more photos from events that have been uploaded throughout the website.
  • Events – There are events across the UK & Europe and I have made it even easier to find them and then save them directly to your calendar.
    • iCalendar
    • Google Calendar
    • Outlook Online
    • Yahoo! Calendar
  • I’ve released even more audio and videos!
  • The entire video catalogue is available the website, here.
  • A stolen motorhome and caravan page. A free resource for the wider community, help the community find their stolen motorhomes or caravans.
  • Buy and sell your mobile leisure vehicles on the website. There is a classifieds sections.
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Extensive Directory

We’re building an extensive directory that covers;

  • Manufacturers
  • Dealers
  • Suppliers
  • Insurance firms
  • Hiring agencies



About The Author

Brian loves all things motorhome, caravan and camping, loves walking and photography.

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