6 motorhomes under 6 meters

6 motorhomes under 6 meters

If length is a barrier to motorhome ownership, we’ve found five motorhomes under 6 meters in length in varying layouts.

Motorhomes under 6 Meters

Auto Sleepers Nuevo ES

Probably the most compact of coachbuilt motorhomes on the list, at only 5.71 meters in length, space isn’t at a premium with the Auto Sleepers Nuevo ES. The Nuevo ES boasts fantastic specification and with the inclusion of a space saving and economical LPG gas tank, the Auto Sleepers Nuevo ES has massively increased storage options throughout.

Length: 5752mm

Layout: Rear Kitchen

Berth: 4

Seatbelts: 4

Base price: £60,100

Roller Team T-Line 590

The first of two entries from Roller Team, in the form of the coachbuilt Roller Team T-Line 590. Exceptional Italian craftsmanship has delivered a mutlifunctional, compact motorhome with a fantastic layout – perfect for couples or families with young children. A rear bathroom layout with an L-shaped kitchen and an electric dropdown bed, this 5.99 meter motorhome is a firm favourite amongst couples looking for a small, compact motorhome.

Length: 5990m

Layout: Rear Washroom

Berth: 4

Seatbelts: 4

Base price: £52,390

Hymer Exsis-t 374

The smallest of the Hymer Exsis range, the Exsis-t 374 offers a rear twin single layout, storage options throughout with a spacious wardrobe, a large linen draw underneath the twin beds.

Length: 5990mm

Layout: Rear Twin Singles

Berth: 2 (3 optional)

Seatbelts: 4

Base price: £55,790

Bailey of Bristol Advance 59-2

Built on the Peugeot chassis, the Bailey of Bristol Advance 59-2 is 5.985m and offers front bench seating layout that converts into a huge double bed of an evening. The layout would be perfect for a couple who are looking to holiday in comfort. The Advane 59-2 offers a range of features and plenty of storage options throughout.

Length: 5985mm

Layout: Rear Kitchen

Berth: 2

Seatbelts: 2

Base price: £47,999

Roller Team Pegaso 590

A compact A-Class under 6 meters, this is the second time Roller Team feature on the list. The Roller Team Pegaso 590 offers a fantastic layout and features. The layout is based on the coachbuilt Roller Team T-Line 590, this A-Class motorhome is perfectly compact and easy to drive. Perfect for couples or families with young children.

Length: 5990mm

Layout: Rear bathroom

Berth: 4

Seatbelts: 4

Base price: £61,540

Sun Living S60SP

Sun Living S60SP is an ideal compact motorhome under 6 meters, it’s a three berth with three seatbelts, the Sun Living S60SP is ideal for touring couples or families with a young child. Made by popular manufacturer Adria Mobil.

Length: 5993mm

Layout: Transverse Rear Bed

Berth: 3

Seatbelts: 4

Base price: £44,925

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